"How would the experience of using London’s hire-bikes differ if they were connected to the network?"

Named for the genus of the pigeon – known for both its homing abilities and its prevalence throughout London – Columba by Tom Armitage is a working experience prototype in hardware and software that explores this idea.

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A service involving 8,500 GPS enabled busses and many servers is very impressive, but it really comes into its own when it doesn’t show off.

Entune™ is a revolutionary in-car experience that keeps you and your Toyota connected. It’s never been easier. Just download the Entune™ mobile app to applicable phones, and you can access a variety of in-car applications from your phone. You can control the applications by using the touch screen or voice commands (Bing only at launch). Entune™ will be available as an option on select [Toyota] models this year.”

We’re stepping into a world where the decision to buy a car or not will be down to the software available for it.


Cities can be considered “flows of information, vehicles and people” (Sheller, 2007) transported along diverse urban networks. In this Flowprint of London by URBAGRAM, the city’s extensive bus network is used to sketch an animated portrait of the living city.

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Alexander Chen is experimenting with turning the 1972 NY Subway map into an HTML5 musical instrument.

He says These videos are still in-progress tests. I plan to import an actual subway schedule from the MTA’s subway API and have subway trains triggering the performance. After that, I hope to start on an iPad version that would function more as a user-driven instrument.”

Conductor (In Progress).

Seems to be working so far.

Seems to be working so far.

Satellite technology reveals how the network of city streets is being pushed to the edge of capacity. Watch the GPS traces of 380 London taxis over the course of a single day.

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