What if London’s buildings grew according to the amount of data they generate? This video by Stephan Hügel (@urschrei) and Flora Roumpani (@en_topia) at UCL CASA  is the first step in an approach to visualising an urban landscape using the objects that already exist in it; instead of abstract swirling points, bars, and artefacts hovering in the sky, the buildings themselves become the medium by which the data generated in and around them are made visible.

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A visualisation of London’s Twitter activity as collected by Fabian Neuhaus (@urbantick)’s New City Landscapes project

"With the visualisation we are highlighting the way information disseminates through re-tweeting of messages. An RT message will show a thin yellow line between original sender and re-sender. The information travels at some speed, which is based on the time it takes between sending and resending."

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